Some suggested Technology suppliers


Brightcove, a leading global provider of cloud content services, offers a family of products used to publish and distribute the world's professional digital media. Brightcove has more than 6,300 customers in over 60 countries that rely on Brightcove cloud content services to build and operate media experiences across PC's, smartphone, tablets and connected TVs.


The worlds first Open Source Online Video Platform providing media companies with advanced video management, publishing, and monetization tools that increase their reach and monetization and simplify their video operations.


Livestream offers event owners a complete set of tools to share their events with a growing community online. More than 30 million viewers each month watch thousands of live events from customers including The New York Times, Facebook, ESPN, SpaceX and Warner Bros.


We're a small, passionate team located in Davis Square in Somerville, MA. Wistia was founded in 2006 and since then we've been obsessively providing the best online video management experience possible. Our goal is to enable every business on the planet to get more value from their videos.


Dailymotion has 115 million unique visitors generating over 2.5 billion video views every month (Comscore May 2013). It is ranked the 31st most visited website in the world. Offering 34 localized versions in 16 different languages, Dailymothion mission is to provide the best possible entertainment experience for users and the best marketing opportunities for advertisers.


iPlayerHD, is a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use HD video hosting and streaming solution that delivers a stunning web video experience. The simple, easy-to-use interface allows customers to quickly upload video content and immediately publish to their web sites or to iPlayerHD's customizable web pages.


Screen9 is an Online Video Platform, or in other words, a platform for publishing video online. We provide the full set of features in an easy to use package. Screen9 gives you videos that work on any device. detailed statistics, social network connectors; endless integration possibilities and we handle virtually any video format!


Twistage is the leader in carrier-grade digital media management, delivering web, mobile, and connected TV solutions including Online Video Platform (OVP), audio and image management, cloud-based transcoding, workflow automation, and more. Twistage enables organizations to drive return on existing investment and accelerate their time to market.


23 is a global web company pioneering in the area of visual sharing with a clear market lead in the Scandinavian region. The company delivers a market leading, full featured cloud CMS built just for video. 23 strives to constantly be the frontrunner, when it comes to innovating on how organizations easily, professionally and with a clear ROI, can reinvent their communication with video on the web.

Recharge / Redeem


Universal Time Monetization System
for one-on-one live services
and for live streaming events,
that allows Sellers to get paid-per-time
and Buyers to pay-per-time as they consume.

PayLive ® / Patent pend. / Social-Fintech / Beta / ©

Time-Tokens (Ŧ)

1.oo Ŧ (1 Time-Token) is equivalent to US$ 1.oo

Time Tokens are
Time-Value data units
used by PayLive to monetize time.

You can recharge or redeem your Ŧ
from/to over 25 currencies, using PayPal.

PayLive uses Time-Tokens for many reasons:

Easy to use, as
1.oo Ŧ (1 Time-Token) is equivalent to US$ 1.oo
To help protection of
event rights and third party rights
(e.g. authors rights, copyrights, etc.)
To allow sharing between event partners
For traceability
For cyber-security

Why 1 to 9 days to redeem Ŧ?

In order for PayLive to help protect
your or third party rights,
the process to redeem Ŧ
to over 25 currencies
may take from 1 to 9 business days

This time is necesary to allow anybody – worldwide –
to report to PayLive® posible frauds
related to events or services
monetized by using this time-monetizing-wallet.


Simplicity in use, highest usability
Real time debiting/crediting every time unit
No personal, financial or usage data is stored in online or mobile applications
Separation of processes impedes access to any personal or financial or usage data of Buyers or Sellers or Sponsors by outsiders
Moderation process for redemption of monetized services checks their legality

Please report any suspected violation of rights, fraud or abuse,
connected to events monetized with PayLive.
Anonymous reports are automatically discarded.

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Sponsored by,

Validated by,

This PayLive Time-Monetizing-Wallet is protected by a patent (pend.) system and method
PayLive® by PayLive Inc., USA
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