How PayLive-One works

Use PayLive-One to
get paid-per-time as Seller of one-on-one live services.
Buyers pay-per-time as they consume

First steps
Get your free PayLive-Wallet by going to or downloading the APP PayLive-Wallet.

LogIN to PayLive
Choose the PayLive-One tool

(Seller and Buyer must have PayLive-Wallets)


Set your service to monetize:

Event Name
Set TIME-period
Set VALUE / TIME –period


Enter customer’s e-mail

Click “SAVE and join your customer”


Your event will appear on screen

with two PayLive-Switches

that will be red (OFF):

Alert your customer (by voice or e-mail)
that you are ready.
Customer will find your event
on his/her PayLive-One.

As Seller,
you must turn your PayLive-Switch to GREEN (ON),
to allow PayLive to monetize your service,
and to show to Buyer that you are ready
to deliver the service.
Therfore, your Buyer must also turns their PayLive-Switch to GREEN (ON)
to begin the session and to start paying-per-time.



Go to Join Service box, find your Seller’s service... and click "Join Service“.


Chek / Recharge your buyer-account balance


Only when Seller turns his/her PayLive-Switch to GREEN (ON)
you as Buyer must also turns the PayLive-Switch to GREEN (ON)
to begin the session and to start paying-per-time.
1.oo Ŧ (1 Time-Token) is equivalent to US$ 1.oo



Turn ON/OFF the PayLive-Switch

to start/stop paying-per-time, any time.

Recharge / Redeem


Universal Time Monetization System
for one-on-one live services
and for live streaming events,
that allows Sellers to get paid-per-time
and Buyers to pay-per-time as they consume.

PayLive ® / Patent pend. / Social-Fintech / Beta / ©

Time-Tokens (Ŧ)

1.oo Ŧ (1 Time-Token) is equivalent to US$ 1.oo

Time Tokens are
Time-Value data units
used by PayLive to monetize time.

You can recharge or redeem your Ŧ
from/to over 25 currencies, using PayPal.

PayLive uses Time-Tokens for many reasons:

Easy to use, as
1.oo Ŧ (1 Time-Token) is equivalent to US$ 1.oo
To help protection of
event rights and third party rights
(e.g. authors rights, copyrights, etc.)
To allow sharing between event partners
For traceability
For cyber-security

Why 1 to 9 days to redeem Ŧ?

In order for PayLive to help protect
your or third party rights,
the process to redeem Ŧ
to over 25 currencies
may take from 1 to 9 business days

This time is necesary to allow anybody – worldwide –
to report to PayLive® posible frauds
related to events or services
monetized by using this time-monetizing-wallet.


Simplicity in use, highest usability
Real time debiting/crediting every time unit
No personal, financial or usage data is stored in online or mobile applications
Separation of processes impedes access to any personal or financial or usage data of Buyers or Sellers or Sponsors by outsiders
Moderation process for redemption of monetized services checks their legality

Please report any suspected violation of rights, fraud or abuse,
connected to events monetized with PayLive.
Anonymous reports are automatically discarded.

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This PayLive Time-Monetizing-Wallet is protected by a patent (pend.) system and method
PayLive® by PayLive Inc., USA
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